November 07-08 2018

Hike Details

Melabev’s Annual 2-day Hike for Alzheimer’s Care
“Sea to Sea” Hike: 3 Legs over 3 Years
Hike from the Mediterranean to the Sea of Galilee in 3 parts over 3 consecutive years.

Leg 1:   20172 days – November 29 & 30 (Wed & Thurs)
Accommodations:   The luxurious 4-star Hacienda Forestview Hotel and Spa.

Two hike levels:  Hikers may choose either a moderate or challenging trail.

 Hike description:
Day 1 – Nov. 29  Buses depart from Jerusalem at 6:30 am (location to be announced) to the hike start point at the Mediterranean Sea.  (Luggage remains safely on the bus.)  A kick-off ceremony will be held in which a bottle will be filled with seawater and saved until 2019 (Leg 3) whereby the water will be poured into the Sea of Galilee, the final destination of the hike.  The two groups will then proceed to their respective trails. 

Challenging – Gesher Haziv along the Kziv Stream through the Manot Ruins to the Monfort Castle.
Moderate – Rosh Hanikra (on the border with Lebanon) along the beach to Gesher Haziv and over to the Yehiam Forest.

Both groups will learn about the Night of the Bridges leading up to the War of Independence, the ill-fated Yehiam Convoy and the Crusaders in Israel.  

Evening – Dinner at the hotel followed by an activity – to be announced.

Day 2 – Nov. 30
Challenging – Monfort Castle, continuing in the Kziv Stream to the town of Ma’alot.
Moderate – Ma’alot School, through the Sculpture Trail, to the Monfort Pond.

 Registration fee:  1000 nis  (200 nis discount if registered by November 1)

 Donation commitment:   Each hiker is requested to commit to raising donations as follows:
Individuals – 6,000 nis      Couples – 10,000 nis     Soldiers & children under 18 – 3,000 nis
Corporate sponsorships encouraged and appreciated.  Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Invite your family and friends!

For more information:   073-796-3959      US toll-free 650-353-3108