November 29-30 2017

Diane Ram

I fully support Melabev because it helps not only those suffering from the difficulties of declining mental health, but also the families who have to deal with it.....I volunteer at the English speaking facility in Jerusalem every week. I interact with the people who are served by this wonderful organization and fully support all of Melabev's efforts. This will be my 10th year hiking with Melabev and I look forward to a very successful hike in the North of Israel....I'm confident it will be exciting!!

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  • Rachel and Yochanan Elrom ₪180.00
  • Rhonda Schuval ₪348.71
  • Anita and Carl Jacobs ₪174.36

    Do well, Diane. Anita and Carl

  • Ruby & Stanley Katz ₪90.67

    Hi Diane, What a worthwhile cause you're involved in. Your well written, warm note was touchng. I wish you much bracha and hatzlacha in the new year. Sending love, Ruby Katz

  • John Corre ₪180.00

    Sorry we can't join you this year as we will be abroard. Enjoy! John & Tabby

  • Mordy Friedman ₪627.68

    Go Savta! Love Miri Mordy and Ezzy.

  • George Wertheimer ₪348.71

    Thanks for thinking of us! All the best בהצלחה. Elyse and George

  • Lisa and Sam Marks ₪125.54

    Diane, You are a role model to all of us! Lisa and Sam Marks

  • Sara & Marc Bienenfeld ₪349.11

    Best of luck! Love Sara &Marc


    Keep calm and HIKE on.

  • David and Andi Arnovitz ₪349.16

    Good luck Diane!

  • Debbie Schuval ₪628.48

    Aunt Diane, thanks for being part of this amazing organization. We love you!

  • Paul Rodbell ₪174.58

    Go Diane!

  • Elana Azran ₪100.00
  • Anonymous ₪87.29
  • Rita Silberman ₪75.00

    Good Luck

  • Paula Gris ₪62.83

    Three cheers for Diane Ram! I hope to join you on this hike in the future.

  • Ruchie & Sol Margolis Margolis ₪250.00

    How nice. Good cause. Ruchie & Sol Margolis

  • Elaine & Jerry BLUMENTHAL ₪419.28

    We're so proud of all you do! Hope to see you soon. Love, Elaine & Jerry

  • Chaim and Debbie Abramowitz ₪180.00

    Go, Diane!

  • benjamin ram ₪876.89

    Mom/Savta we are so proud of you and this great fundraiser,....thinking of our good friend leslie. Ben and Shira and the kids

  • David and Julie Silverman ₪190.49

    We're honored to support your holy work. I think in some ways the work you do at Melabev is harder than the grueling hike. We are cheering you on from accross the street! love Dave and Julie Silverman

  • milton heching ₪634.96
  • adina and jeff jagoda ₪127.24

    awesome work Diane may you continue from strength to sttrength

  • Mike and Sara Carter ₪63.46

    Thanks Diane for all work you do for this organization. Mike and Sara Carter

  • Marsha Roth ₪1000.00
  • Jackie Maltz ₪100.00
  • Marsha Witkin ₪50.00
  • Rita & Eli Shloush ₪63.00

    Diane, you are just amazing!!!! Yeshar Kochaich!!!!

  • Cathy Chad ₪63.54

    You're my hero! XOXOX CC

  • Gail Raab ₪354.91
  • Anonymous ₪175.82

    I’m so proud of you!

  • Ephraim & Pepy Shreibman ₪200.00
  • Kenneth Prager ₪878.63
  • Betsy Kaplan ₪175.73
  • Shirley Schein ₪351.06
  • Bonnie Ram ₪526.59

    Sorry we are late with the donation. Gratifying to support such a worthy cause for the best sister-in-law ever! xo B&R

  • Moshe Werthan ₪3500.50
  • Benny & Nancy Benjamin ₪120.00