May 27 2021

Hike Details

Melabev’s 2021 Rachel Wasserman Hike for Alzheimer’s Care

Ella Valley Hike – Battle of David and Goliath

All hikers must bring a Tav Yarok, certificate of COVID recovery, or a COVID test within 72 hours of the hike!!

Even though it is different from past hikes, this year, it will still be the fun-filled and Biblically engaging hikes Melabev has provided our participants for more than 15 years.

When: Thursday, 27 May 2021

What we are offering: A full-day hike and Melabv’s traditional sunset hike culminating with dinner and a fun wine tasting event (outdoors.) COVID restrictions observed.

Full-day hike:  The hike, centered around the Ella Valley, is where the battle of David and Goliath (I Samuel 17) took place. We begin at Tel Goded and walk on the ridges and hills along the Cross Israel Trail above the valley, visit the sites of biblical towns of  Tel Azeka and Shaarayim, enjoying the pastoral views of the Judean plains and mountains. You have your choice of a moderate or easy trail. Our guides will share historical biblical information and stories of the area as we make our way to Kirbat Kayafa, and for those who are up to the challenge, we can crawl a bit through the Bar Kochba period caves of Tel Goded. 

♦ Sunset hike:  We will join the full-day hikers at Kirbat Kayafa – biblical Shaarayim, a fascinating archaeological site from the story of David and Goliath (as is Tel Azeka.)  This trail holds interesting sites and beautiful sunset views of the Ella Valley and will take approximately one and a half to two hours on an easy path.

What to bring:  3 Liters of water is suggested for the full-day hike (weather will be warm) and one or two liters for Sunset hikers; sun hat; sunglasses; sunscreen; lip balm; light clothing for hiking and a sweater or light jacket may be needed for the evening; good hiking/walking boots; walking stick (optional but recommended); phone (important); snacks and lunch (full-day); snacks for Sunset hikers.

Departure information: Full-day hikers will meet at Har Herzl Military Cemetary parking lot at 07:30 am and depart at 08:15 am. Plenty of free and safe parking. Sunset hikers will meet at Har Herzl Military Cemetary parking lot at 14:00 pm and depart at 14:45 pm. Those coming to Har Herzl via the Light Rail will get off at the Har Herzl station and walk across the street.  We will be departing on time! Don’t be left behind.

 Registration fee:  500 nis for full-day and Sunset hikers (Non-refundable)

 Donation commitment:   Each hiker is requested to commit to raising sponsorship donations as follows:
Full-day – 2500 nis      Sunset – 1000 nis

The hike is a fundraiser to help sustain the quality of service Melabev offers to those experiencing Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. If you have questions, please contact Ida by email or phone (listed below)

 Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law – US, UK, Israel, and Australia (Registration fees are not tax-deductible)

Invite your family and friends!

For more information:   073-796-3959      Ida Fry –  052-720-3027