May 27 2021

Dalia Lopian

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  • Anonymous ₪100.00

    Wonderful cause, you make me proud. Love you.

  • Anonymous ₪180.00

    Love you! Enjoy the hike together with Gilad snd all your friends

  • Anonymous ₪150.00

    You are so wonderful. Proud of you. Love you.

  • Ruth Nachshon ₪120.00

    Heathy in Mind & Body יישר כוחכם תזכו למצוות

  • Doron and Faith Segal ₪120.00

    Kol hakavod! This is a great cause. Sending lots of love to you and Gilad

  • Anonymous ₪200.00

    Go Dalia!

  • Anonymous ₪230.20

    We look forward to being with you

  • Anonymous ₪228.83

    Good luck

  • Jack Lopian ₪228.83

    Good luck

  • Jonathan Winegarten ₪228.83