May 27 2021

Leah Yerushalmi

It's been my honor and pleasure to support "Melabev" - with the help of family members and friends - in raising money for the past 15 years as a participant on the autumn "Moonlight" walk and the newer summer "Sunset" walk.

"Melabev" provides outstanding care to elders who are ill with Alzheimer's disease at the organization's day centers, by means of specialized programming.

The time spent at the "Melabev" centers is therapeutic to the patients and gives their caretakers at home a rest and pause from the intensive 24/7 care needed by those patients who reside at home and not at a healthcare facility.

Last year the annual "Melabev" walk was cancelled due to the pandemic, but the "Melabev" supporters nonetheless raised funds and had a "virtual" walk. This year we look forward again to walking among the beautiful landscapes of Israel - as a group!

Thanking you in advance for your kind support of "Melabev", whether as a new or as a veteran supporter.

Yours from Jerusalem,

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  • Anonymous ₪120.00

    כל הכבוד!

  • Hinda Glassner ₪100.00

    So proud of you, Go Girl!

  • Larry Josefovitz ₪58.56

    in honor of our son's graduation from U.Mass Amherst