November 07-08 2018

Lynn Glassman

The photo is from 2006... 12 years ago!?! (The first year of our Don't-Forget-Us Hike for Melabev)

Missed 2017 hike... good to be back hiking with this group of amazing individuals raising money for & awareness of a remarkable organization...MELABEV!

This year is the Hike's 13th year; my and Israel's 70th year; 46th anniversary married to my favorite guy (Lee, see in the photo - one of Israel's best tour guides).

We came to Israel in summer of 1989 with our two daughters, Rhea (14 years old) and Kim (12 years old)... entering 9th & 7th grades, resp. Our love for Israel (which continues to expand), the girls' education, & Lee's sister & our brother-in-law, Diane & Bobby Rosenschein, were the main driving forces that encouraged us to make aliyah.

I stay busy with my rewarding work as a breastfeeding counselor and with my varied interests... being a grandmother to our Ari (11) & Rafi (8)... my other favorite guys, reading, tennis, volunteer work, fixing things/mending, dear relationships, piano, yoga,... the list is endless. Thank G-d, Life is Good!

Please, donate what you can... or join us for the hike!

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    In honor of Carol Caplan's 80th milestone. Happy Birthday, Carol! עד 120 :) With love, Lynn