November 13-14 2019

Mira Bergen

Dear Friends and Family,
We have so much to be thankful for, especially for our good mental health.
On November 7-8 of last year, I and my new hip “Ruthie” joined my dear friend, Diane Ram, as we participated in a fundraising event in Israel, "Hike for Alzheimer's Care" to assist a wonderful organization that I have had the privilege of volunteering in when I was in Israel: Melabev. This non-profit specializes in dementia and Alzheimer's care through the vehicle of many day centers for the elderly and one for those younger than age 65 who have been diagnosed with Young Onset Dementia.
For those with Alzheimer’s or dementia, day to day life can be confusing and frustrating. As the disease progresses, individuals are no longer able to complete simple tasks which, in turn, damages their self-worth and sense of dignity. The goal of Melabev is to enhance their quality of life while providing respite and support for their families.
This year on November 13-14, “Ruthie” and I will again join Diane Ram in Israel to hike for our friend, Leslie Lowenstein, who has Alzheimer’s, and benefits with so many others from Melabev’s insightful, intelligent and joyful programming. Her husband tells me that she looks forward to Diane Ram’s hugs every week.
I look forward to hiking with Diane and hugging Leslie also while I am in Israel.
I acknowledge and thank Diane Ram for volunteering for Melabev 13 years and for introducing me to this incredible organization.
I am turning to my many friends and family to support me in this very worthy cause. All donations are tax-deductible.
You can sponsor me by going to my page directly:
You can pay by credit card and in US Dollars as well by clicking on the drop-down arrow in the box to the right of the box with “Amount” in it.
I would love to have you join me, hiking in beautiful Eretz Israel while supporting those who would love to hike, such as Leslie, but are no longer able.
I deeply appreciate whatever financial support you can provide in our efforts to help Melabev.

With love and gratitude,

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  • Menachem and Dena Deutsch ₪190.19

    Kol hakavod to Mira, Diane and Ruthie! Brachos for much hatzlacha in this worthy endeavor.

  • Deborah and Ed Koch ₪351.49

    Beautiful. Keep on trucking! Hugs Debbie and Ed

  • Adam Koch ₪87.87
  • Zahava Kurland ₪126.54
  • Ilene and jonathan Miller ₪126.54

    Run “Ruthie” run! In honor of Leslie and Chuck

  • Jacquie Hirsch ₪126.54

    B'Hatzlacha to you and Ruthie!

  • Dianne M. Brown ₪80.00

    The best of luck to you all on the hike. God Bless you all, Dianne B.

  • Kim Dart ₪349.96
  • Andrea Kenney ₪174.98

    Sounds like an amazing cause. Safe Travels!

  • Ariella and Michael Yaschik ₪62.99

    Good luck Ruthie!

  • Rick & Robin Halpern ₪174.98
  • Caroline & Randy Gold ₪349.96
  • Roberta Scher ₪126.10

    Diane and Mira, You go gals! ...for our dear Leslie! Roberta & Allan

  • Karen Bartlett ₪87.57

    You go, Mira an Ruthie! Love Karen & Randy

  • Anonymous ₪350.28

    Once again, I thank you for the love you show to my dearest Leslie

  • Reuven Weinmann ₪63.00

    Go, Mira, go!

  • Anonymous ₪62.69

    Yasher koach for using your koach, and resources to raise $ for Melabev. Hatzlacha! Cheryl & Paul

  • Elissa Felder ₪125.38

    Kol hakavod. May Hashem heal all the sick speedily and completely and we should have no more suffering.

  • GAIL LINDER ₪174.59

    Go Mira Go! Gail and Harvey Linder

  • Hadassah Goldstromu ₪125.70

    You're an inspiration!

  • Noach & Esther Muroff ₪62.60

    In honor of Chuck & Leslie Lowenstein and their years of dedication to the Atlanta community!

  • Margie Weinstein ₪125.20
  • Anne Shapiro ₪62.60

    happy to participate in your wonderful fund-raiser for such an important cause

  • The Idovs ₪90.43

    Hatzlacha Rabbah and yasher koach to you (and Ruthie).

  • JAN TENENBAUM ₪263.13
  • David Mitchell ₪126.31

    Go Mira! We love Leslie too. David and Debbie

  • Ilana and Paul Shenk ₪87.72

    Thanks Mira for doing this. Send our love to Diane and Leslie and take care of Ruthie. Love, Ilana and Paul

  • Rachel Leff ₪189.46

    Go Mira!

  • Marcia Posner ₪420.82

    Love to Mira from your Tante Marcia

  • MONICA Katz ₪354.37


  • Karen & Stuart Adler ₪63.63

    such a beautiful and inspiring way to support Alzheimer's research and support!

  • Susan Levin ₪127.27

    Wish you great adventures and a soulful trip. Alzheimer's can be reversed!

  • Deena Koniver ₪190.90
  • Anonymous ₪102.47

    go get em' 29 for your birthdate mm

  • Anonymous ₪88.34

    Dear Mira, All the best to you, "Ruthie" and Diane. What a worthy cause! This is in honor of our friend Al, who has dementia. Love, Diane and Tom

  • Sally Bergen and Chuck McCormack ₪636.15

    Much love to you, Ruthie, and your hiking friend.

  • Mindy Caplan ₪127.23

    In honor of the trio of friends, Mira,Leslie and Diane

  • Krombach and Greenberg Fams ₪176.71

    Mira!!!! You are an inspiration to us all ♥ Hatzlacha Rabbah ♥ Love you ♥

  • David Bogart Bogart ₪190.85

    Thank you Mira for giving us this opportunity to support this worthy organization on behalf of one of the true forces from the Beth Jacob community, Leslie Lowenstein. Laura & David Bogart

  • Amanda Siegelman ₪353.57

    You are amazing Mira! You and Ruthie:) Thanks for supporting this amazing organization and for honoring my Aunt Leslie. xxx Amanda

  • Shannon Martin ₪883.92

    A wonderful cause Mira! Great job and good luck!

  • Shirley James ₪141.43

    Wishing you a happy birthday and have a great time. Lots of love ❤️

  • Hallie Chasen ₪190.50

    In honor of 3 very special ladies- Mira, Diane and Leslie.

  • Leah Taylor ₪63.45

    Hatzlacha rabah!!

  • Ted Kadison ₪126.11

    Have a good hike!! Ted and Steph

  • Terry Eden ₪50.00
  • Deena Ann Koniver ₪184.94