November 07-08 2018

Mira Bergen

I am hiking for Melabev and to honor a woman I knew in Atlanta, Leslie Lowenstein. who made aliyah with her husband, Chuck. This beautiful and vibrant person, who used to run and is only a few years older than me, has Alzheimer’s. Leslie goes to Melabev in Jerusalem and benefits from their programs, which I know, from firsthand experience volunteering there, are intelligent, dignified, insightful and fun! Her husband tells me that she looks forward to Diane Ram’s hugs every week. I look forward to hiking with Diane and seeing Leslie while I am in Israel.
Her husband emphasized that she will not recognize me, however, that is okay because I remember HER.
I am turning to my many friends and family to support me in this very worthy cause. All donations are tax-deductible. You can sponsor me by going to and clicking on my name. I would love to have you join me, hiking in beautiful Eretz Israel while supporting those who would love to hike, such as Leslie, but are no longer able.
I am especially excited to hike with the new hip I received April 3rd. I named her “Ruthie”!
I deeply appreciate whatever financial support you can provide in our efforts to help Melabev.

With Love and Gratitude

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  • Francine Lowe ₪125.46
  • Tsaffie Kreitenberg kreitenberg ₪186.40

    So nice of you Mira! keep up all the Mitzvahas you do! You should be zoche to Help klal Yisroel for many years to come love the Kreitenberg’s

  • Shira Malka Asherman ₪64.52

    You're amazing, Mira, with all you do for others. It is hard to think of Leslie not her vibrant self - she may not recognize you but her neshama will. I wish you and "Ruthie" the best on your run!

  • Anonymous ₪64.52

    Love you Mira! All our best to Chuck and Leslie too!

  • Kim Dart ₪536.20

    Have a wonderful trip!

  • Menachem and Dena Deutsch ₪300.00

    Rooting for Mira and Ruthie!

  • Deborah Edward Koch ₪178.73
  • Zahava Kurland ₪128.69

    Kol Hakavod

  • Anonymous ₪321.72

    Thank you, Mira, for telling me about this wonderful organization! May we soon see an end to this horrible disease! Love, Tzivia

  • Adam Koch ₪178.73

    Great cause- enjoy!

  • Lynn and Ed Koffsky ₪178.73

    A wonderful Mitzvah. We are proud of you.

  • Shlomo and Sarah Faygie Berkowitz ₪178.73

    You inspire us! Shlomo and Sarah Faygie

  • Anonymous ₪89.37

    Hatlzacha! May the cure come soon!

  • June Walker ₪89.36

    Proud of you Mira. I know this will be a wonderful experience for you and Ruthie. Wish I had more to give.

  • Charna Perloe ₪128.81
  • Evan Lowenstein ₪644.05

    Thank you!

  • miriam reinfeld ₪150.00

    kol hakavod!

  • Rivka Elbein ₪65.40

    Kol Hakavod

  • Jerry Rehert ₪363.31

    Mira, I didn't recognize you with the sexy hair. Looking good!!! Good Luck on your hike . G-d bless. Jerry & Stacey

  • Lee Lowenstein ₪91.01

    Thank you Mira for doing this in my mother's honor. This is very special and we are very grateful.

  • Bernie and Alex Idov ₪94.65

    Kol hakavod Mira ( and Ruthie)!

  • Marcia Posner ₪363.46

    Love, Aunt Marcia

  • Amanda Siegelman ₪908.66

    You are amazing..thanks for doing this! Love, Amanda

  • Ted and Stephanie Kadison ₪181.74

    Go Mira! We are very proud you are walking for this cause! Love Ted and Stephanie

  • Ruby Katz ₪65.43

    In honor of Leslie Lowenstein, a dear friend of mine also. Go Mira!!

  • Susan Levin ₪130.52

    Wishing you Joy on this exciting trip.

  • Sister Sal B-in-Law Chuck ₪1087.26

    Blessings of peace to Leslie and her family. Wishing you, Ruthie, and Diane joyous fun while working hard for people with Alzheimers! Much love to you from Sal and Chuck

  • Jack & Pam Williams & Family ₪657.24

    We will be cheering you on, Mira! Our warm greetings to all our Atlanta friends in Israel! Jack & Pam Williams & Family

  • Jacqueline Hirsch ₪197.17

    Mira, Kol HaKavod to you and "Ruthie". Always on the run for a good cause!

  • Leah Hiller ₪65.85

    Tizki lmitzvot Mira I'm rooting for you love,leah

  • Mindy Caplan ₪131.95

    Mira, You continue to amaze and inspire us all! Go Mira & Ruthie Go!; Mindy & Lee Caplan

  • Krombach and Greenberg Fams ₪199.32

    So proud of you! Hatzlacha Rabba!

  • Shoshana Jeter ₪66.67

    Yasher Koach Mira!!

  • Betty Shan ₪66.67

    Good luck on your hike! You are a wonderful and loving cousin! We love you! Betty, Richard, Spencer and Melissa xoxo

  • Karen Bartlett ₪103.72

    Happy Birthday, Dear Mira! What a wonderful way to celebrate YOU, and at the same time be such a blessing to others.

  • Caroline & Randy Gold ₪185.21

    Good Luck.

  • Tsiporah Metzel ₪37.06

    Kol Hakavod Mira, I so love Leslie and am so happy that you will be involved in this hike - A beautiful tribute and effort. (pls remember to sing a hebrew song to her and remind her of all the times she and I sang together ~ if the opportunity arises) Hugs and much Love, Tsiporah

  • Ilana and Paul Shenk Shenk ₪92.64

    Go Mira, Ruthie and Diane-We are so proud of you for doing this amazing walk for such a great cause!!

  • Rona Davies ₪295.65

    Thank you Mira for hiking for Melabev and for honouring my dear and beautiful sister Leslie. Kol hakavod, Love, Rona

  • Allan & Roberta Scher ₪66.49

    Love and Hugs! Enjoy every minute of the walk and the trip

  • Gladys Hirsch ₪133.36