November 07-08 2018

Dayle Friedman

I am a rabbi, chaplain, spiritual guide and scholar dedicated to bringing meaning and wholeness to the journey of aging. I have trained rabbis and chaplains, accompanied frail elders and their families, and taught and guided individuals embarking upon their “third chapters.” My most recent book is Jewish Wisdom for Growing Older: Finding Your Grit and Grace Beyond Midlife. Through Growing Older (, my Philadelphia-based, national practice, I offer spiritual direction for people beyond midlife, spiritual care for people facing dementia and frailty, and consulting on medical decisions and end-of-life care. My husband, David Ferleger, and I have three "emerging adult" children, one of whom, Anya, made aliyah in 2017 and is living and working in Karmiel.

In the context of my work with the emerging field of ליווי רוחני/spiritual care in Israel, I have met Melabev professionals and visited some of its centers. I have been deeply moved by the caring and respect with which people with dementia are treated, and the lively, loving atmosphere Melabev fosters around them.

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  • Linda Kriger ₪181.16

    Sounds like a wonderful organization. Kol h kavod!

  • Elizabeth Friedman ₪543.48

    Go Dayle!

  • Buzaglo Joanne Buzaglo ₪364.39

    Very exciting!

  • Caren and Ned Borowsky ₪910.98

    We are very moved and inspired by you Have a wonderful ride Love Caren , Sonya and Ned

  • David Ferleger ₪131.18

    Walk well! Each moment.

  • Margot Stein ₪429.98

    So proud of you and thrilled to support this effort!

  • Betsy and David Teutsch ₪131.18

    Go Dayle! Happy to follow you on your journeys!

  • Irene McHenry ₪365.14

    Thanks for your vim, vigor, and wisdom in doing this tour. I feel you are doing it for all elders!

  • Beth Janus ₪131.44

    Have fun hiking while doing your holy work.

  • Shawn Zevit ₪131.44

    So inspired by all you do and who you are- lichi lach!

  • Elyse and Baruch Sienna ₪180.00

    You are always an inspiration!

  • Rayzel Raphael ₪65.97

    good luck!!!!! you go girl!

  • Linda and Jake Kriger ₪666.75

    Thanks for doing this work, Dayle. In the light following last week's darkness, our resilience will bring us out from our grief.

  • Genie & Ameet Ravital ₪185.21
  • nancy kreimer ₪666.75

    You go, girl!

  • Mindy Shapiro ₪133.35

    Thank you for doing this work. You bring the light and will carry it In this sometimes dark world. Enjoyed the walk

  • Myriam Klotz ₪185.28

    Step by step, you rock!

  • Shirley Brown ₪437.25

    Thank you for putting your feet on the Land, from sea to sea, dear Dalia, for all of us, our ancestors, and our future

  • Adina and Naomi Abramowitz / Klayman ₪133.40

    You are an inspiration! Enjoy this hike. Thanks you for this opportunity to support a great organization,

  • Sonia Voynow ₪133.40

    You go, girl!!

  • Abby Weinberg & Nathan Martin ₪66.70

    GO DAYLE! You do not cease to inspire us!

  • Steffi Karp ₪66.70
  • Mark Pinsky ₪66.70

    Go, Dayle, go! Jennifer and I are so glad you are doing this!

  • Jeremy Brochin ₪133.67
  • Rabbi Loewenthal ₪133.67

    Thank you

  • Peter Fixler ₪132.81

    You walk for many, including me.

  • Beulah Trey ₪266.04

    Go Dalia!

  • Audrey Marcus ₪186.64

    From my Mom, Audrey Marcus. Please send acknowledgment to her: 8030 E. Girard Ave. Apt. 502 Denver CO 80231. THANKS!