November 07-08 2018

Adina Elefant

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  • Yanki Elefant ₪1000.00

    keep on keeping on

  • Malka & Sammy Esterson ₪362.77

    You go, Adina!!!!!

  • E E ₪1305.95

    An honor and a privilege

  • Anonymous ₪906.91

    We are so proud of all that you do! Cynthia and David

  • Shep Cohen ₪100.00
  • Anonymous ₪100.00
  • Rachel and Joel Maryles ₪540.00

    Such a good cause! We appreciate the great care Melabev has given to our family members! Thanks for being such a great hiking partner!

  • Cheryle Levitt ₪100.00

    Go Adina! Thanks for raising money for this worthy cause!

  • Cheryle Levitt ₪100.00