May 27 2021

Debbie Dan

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  • Bobbie Winter ₪58.62

    Keep up the good work!

  • Arnold & Leah Rotter ₪586.18

    In memory of all the dedicated staff and volunteers caring for all the Alzheimer sufferers

  • שלמה וצפורה פולצ'ק ₪36.00

    In memory of Rhoda Polachek who enjoyed the Melabev moadon


    Kol Hakavod Fondly Marilyn & Mendy

  • Yehuda and Nechama Zaks ₪72.00

    good luck!

  • Shulamit Feder ₪587.97

    In memory of Dr Sol Dan A"H

  • Malca Fass ₪587.97

    In memory of Sol Dan A'H.. a gem of a friend who is sorely missed.

  • Ariel Winter ₪117.12

    In memory of Miriam Buks

  • phyllis zlotnick ₪234.23

    Kol hakavod Debbie!