November 07-08 2018

Diane Ram

I have been hiking every year for the past 11 years, We walk to raise money for this terrific organization. Melabev provides day-care services for people with Alzheimer's and dementia – and also provides other services for their families. I’ve been volunteering there one day a week for the last 12 years. Over that time, the number of people coming to our club has tripled! As we all grow older, demand will only increase, making our donations so very important.

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  • Rachel Elrom ₪180.00

    Wish it could be more but every bit helps. XX00 Rachel & Yochanan

  • Rabbi Herbert and Meryl Cohen ₪64.59

    Kol HaKavod.

  • Rhonda Schuval ₪193.76

    What a meaningful way to start the New Year!!

  • Iris & Allan Weiss ₪129.17

    Take a hike! (couldn't resist ) May this be a fabulous year for you and yours. שנה טובה

  • Cathy Chad ₪129.17

    So proud to call you my friend. I love you and your caring heart.

  • David and Andi Arnovitz ₪179.40

    Good luck Diane!

  • lynn gimpel ₪180.00
  • solomon margolis ₪500.00

    Shana tova to the Ram Family

  • Carl Jacobs ₪89.70

    Good luck

  • Marc & Sara Bienenfeld ₪178.55

    You are incredible. Good luck!


    Roberta will give you the BOOT you every step of the way.

  • Rabbi Eliahu & Dr. Rita Shloush ₪64.28

    Diane, You Continue to be Amazing! Wishing You "Hatzlacha Raba"!! Rita & Eli

  • Naomi May ₪250.00

    Kol HaKavod! So proud of you!

  • Jeffrey Ram ₪1000.00

    you're the best savta in the whole Ram family. congratulations on another great year.

  • Jeff Ram ₪200.00
  • Sam and Lisa Marks ₪357.48

    Happy New year and good luck! Lisa and Sam Marks

  • Rabbi Solomon and Shirley Schiff ₪64.52

    Wishing you lots of luck SHANA TOVA

  • Gail Raab ₪357.47

    Thrilled NOTHING stops you from accomplishing this worthwhile cause! Sending oodles of good wishes to let you know I'm sooooo proud of you! Gail

  • Lawrence Joseph ₪357.04

    Keep up the great work!

  • Monica Katz ₪357.04

    To a wonderful lady who gives of herself to help others with a smile and a giving heart

  • Harley belinky ₪130.85
  • David Lubel ₪654.23

    Diane, Always proud to support you! Lashana Tova! David and Ellen Lubel


    Dear Diane - We so admire your efforts for Melabev and so much of other great good you do. xxxooo

  • Ben and Shira Ram ₪908.70

    Good luck mom! Love you!

  • Debbie Schuval ₪360.00

    Aunt Diane you are my hero!

  • Danielle and Matthew Slater ₪362.57

    Good luck Diane!!!

  • Jack Greene ₪362.57

    Best wishes

  • David Ram ₪180.00

    Go get 'em!

  • shirley and matthew schein ₪364.25
  • Anonymous ₪500.00

    Dear Diane,, You're a great volunteer whose commitment has helped also raise funds for Melabev. Good job, Marsha

  • Betsy Kaplan ₪182.91
  • Benny Benjamin ₪120.00
  • Jackie Maltz ₪180.00
  • Fred Katz ₪132.24

    Good luck Dianne

  • Bonnie and Roger Ram ₪554.22

    A great cause, a wonderful person. We love you, B & R

  • Anonymous ₪1847.40
  • Anita and Russ Ellis ₪184.59
  • Jeff Jagoda ₪66.11
  • Bella Heching ₪664.87
  • Roberta & Allan Scher ₪66.49

    You go girl!

  • Batsheva Kantor ₪135.00