November 13-14 2019

Diane Ram

The Melabev Hike last year was the second part of the yam-L'yam (sea-to-sea) hike. We'll finish the series this year by hiking from Sefat to the Sea of Galilee....can't wait. My friend Mira Bergen from Atlanta joined me last year and we had such a great time, she's coming all the way from Atlanta, GA (IY"H) to hike with me again this year! Last year, while she was in Israel, she also volunteered one day with me at the Melabev facility for English speakers. I would love to have more friends join me this year too!! (this could mean you!). What a great finish to this hike series that would be - hiking with many friends, together, standing together, hands raised in "victory" at the shores of the Kineret (The Sea of Galilee).
Thanks for your continued sponsorship for Melabev and me. We continue to thrive because of your continued support.

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  • Anonymous ₪350.28

    Thanks for all you do for Leslie (and Violeta)

  • Anonymous ₪630.50

    Diane, we are rooting for you. Best wishes for a שנה טובה! Our best Jeff and the entire family. All the best, Elyse and George

  • Anonymous ₪350.28
  • Jill and Yossi Ovadia ₪189.15

    Melabev is lucky to have had you for so long. Wishing you, Jeff and your beautiful family a very healthy and happy new year! With love,

  • Larry and Eileen Joseph ₪350.28
  • Arnie & Marcy Schneider ₪262.71

    Yasher Koach, Diane. K'siva V'chasima tova.

  • Lisa and Sam Marks ₪189.15

    Diane, You continue to inspire us! Yasher Koach! We love you! Love, Lisa, Sam, Josh, Becca, Jake, and Yifat

  • Rhonda Schuval ₪350.28

    I am sure Diane that you have touched the lives of many people! This may be your last hike but you are still on the right path and moving forward !! So inspired by your efforts !!


    Dear, dear Diane - We're so proud of you and grateful to be your friend. Happy, healthy new year to you and yours. xxooo, Elaine & Jerry

  • Anita Jacobs ₪125.88

    You go girl.

  • Roberta & Miles Kuttler ₪125.88

    Kal HaKavod. Roberta feels like she is walking with you -- or at least her hiking shoes are walking with you.

  • Anonymous ₪360.00

    Amazing longevity from an amazing woman. Congratulations

  • Naomi May ₪262.25

    We're so proud of you! Naomi May

  • Danielle Matthew ₪174.84

    Aunt Diane, You inspire us all in so many ways. I owe a lot to you! Shana Tova.

  • Ben and Shira Ram ₪1049.01

    Mom, we are so happy you are doing this one last time! This one is in honor of your great friend Leslie.

  • Iris & Allan Weiss ₪125.36

    Go Diane!

  • David and Andi Arnovitz ₪180.00
  • Linda Rabinowitz ₪125.38
  • Anonymous ₪62.69

    Yasher Koach! Wish I could join you, too. Melabev ~ a great organization, and life giver to the community. Yasher Koach, Cheryo & Paul

  • Anonymous ₪400.00

    from my in laws - good luck!

  • Gail Raab ₪626.02

    Zillions of good wishes for a successful hike and oodles of blessings to you, Jeff and your entire family for a sweet year of good health and tons of blessings! Hugs and kisses, Gail

  • Yochanan and Rachel Elrom ₪180.00

    Best wishes to you for a great and inspirational hike.

  • Fred Katz ₪126.31

    Good luck Diane Love Freddy and Marcy

  • Kenneth Prager ₪3535.25
  • CHERYL MODEL ₪353.35


  • Jeffrey Ram ₪353.42

    you're the best....have fun....but not too much, your hubby

  • Leo Sushner ₪176.78
  • Betsy Kaplan ₪176.78
  • Marjorie Goodman ₪176.78
  • Benny & Nancy Benjamin ₪120.00
  • Shirley Schein ₪352.83
  • Anonymous ₪312.45

    Diane, you are truly a righteous woman, but not only that, you are a FIT righteous woman. Your work for Melabev over the years is truly inspirational. So much work and so much caring. Looking forward to seeing you when you get to FL. All the best, Arthur

  • bella heching ₪867.90

    diane you serve an an inspiration to me with all the chessed you do for others and always with a happy disposition. I will try to follow your lead. love, bella

  • Jackie Maltz ₪180.00
  • Bat Sheva Kantor ₪150.00
  • Moshe Werthan ₪3081.96