November 07-08 2018

Ian Reed

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  • Moshe and Barbara Abramowitz ₪100.00

    Tons of luck, Ian- to you and Thelma! Love, Moshe and Barbara

  • Talmon Friedlander ₪180.00

    Happy walking!

  • Rachel Gordon ₪129.87

    Have a fabulous hike! Miss being with you both

  • יהודית ומשה שליסל ₪100.00

    Shana Tova from the Schlissels

  • Yitzhak and Yehudit Anderson ₪321.74
  • David Brownstein ₪180.00

    לעילוי נשמת לאה בת אברבם צבי עײה

  • Ian & Ruth Rawson ₪85.55

    Enjoy the walk & fresh air!! Might take your mind what's happening in the Premiership!! Ian (aka Roker) & Ruth

  • Yael Kutner ₪150.00
  • Anonymous ₪237.76

    Good Luck Ian. Hope you achieve your goal.

  • Anonymous ₪250.00

    Good luck

  • Ian & Avigail Wiseglass ₪200.00

    From Little Ian to Big Ian, with love x (also looks like you need a bit of help catching up with Thelma ;-)

  • Anonymous ₪200.00

    Kol hakavod and best of luck to you and Thelma

  • David & Debbie Novick ₪180.00

    What a great cause!!! Enjoy the hike with Thelma!! David & Debbie

  • Anonymous ₪100.00