November 07-08 2018

Debra Katz

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  • rafi freudenberger ₪180.00
  • Dena and Ken Lieblich ₪1794.03
  • Tali and Natan Slifkin ₪180.00

    In memory of our parents רחל רבקה בת מתיתיהו הכהן ע״ה and מנחם אשר בן נתן נטע ע״ה. So proud of all your dedication to this wonderful cause! May we never need their services! Good luck and wishing you and Sammy a שנה טובה וגמר חתימה טובה!

  • Anna Kertesz ₪54.00
  • Fran and Josh Chesir ₪357.96

    Good luck on the hike! Franny and Josh

  • Ygal Berdugo ₪120.00

    Kol hakavod, enjoy the hike!

  • David and Ziva Katz ₪180.00

    Kol HaKavod & B'Hatzlacha

  • Lee Samson ₪896.17

    In memory of my beloved Anne Samson. G'mar Tov

  • Reva & Binyomin Holczer ₪193.57

    Thank you for the opportunity to support you and the organization!

  • Ephraim and Yedida Borow ₪180.00

    כל הכבוד! Ephraim and Yedida

  • Gigi and Chuck Tover ₪500.00

    Have a great time Debra. Hope we can join next year . Gigi and Chuck

  • Debra Katz ₪34677.00
  • Richard & Randi Silber ₪367.52