November 07-08 2018

Deborah Schloss

Wife, mom, savta, daughter, sister, aunt, friend. My husband and I made Aliyah on August 8, 2017 from Riverdale, Bronx. We now live in Jerusalem and have 2 daughters, 2 son-in-laws and an adorable granddaughter living here. In my other life, I was an Educational Technology Coordinator and a math and computer teacher at SAR Academy, Bronx, NY. Now, I work part time, study in Ulpan, play with my granddaughter, walk more than I ever did before (no car needed) and collect magnets from Israeli simchas, restaurants, stores, mayoral candidates, apartment renovators, trissim fixers, hairdressers and even have some with brachot that bless me as I walk in and out of my front door. They also represent the many changes in this new chapter of my life that fill my heart and head with the vibrant colors of this crazy, wonderful, dynamic and beautiful land of Israel.

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  • Andrea Schloss ₪180.55
  • Lichtman Bob and Natalie ₪130.85

    Go Debby!!! Hatzlacha on the hike. Worthy cause.

  • Lani & Josh Heching ₪181.51

    Go Debby! Love The Hechings!

  • Milly and morty Rosner ₪196.03

    Way to go Schlossy

  • Irine Schweitzer ₪130.68

    Wow. What an amazing undertaking. Good for you. Love to know more about the experience.

  • Estelle and Fred Simon ₪90.75

    Enjoy the hiking. Thinking of you as you walk, dance, and hike through Israel. Lots of love, Estelle

  • Susan and Mark Fogel ₪181.47

    Go Debby Go! Wish we could walk with you. Kol Hakavod! Love, Susan and Mark

  • Michele Saks ₪130.66

    Have a successful hike! The Saks Family

  • Rachel and Jeff Lichtman ₪181.47

    Great cause! Enjoy!

  • Gail and David Krasner ₪362.94

    So proud of you Debby!!

  • Sharon Movsas ₪130.66

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to support this wonderful cause. Deb, you are a shining star!

  • Linda & Ed Berger ₪130.52

    Wear comfortable shoes!

  • Lynn and Jeff Zadoff ₪364.25

    We are so proud of you and love you!

  • TAMAR BARDAVID ₪181.35

    I loved reading your bio! Good luck! Tamar and Tzvi

  • Tamar Benovitz ₪180.00

    Go Debby Go!

  • Yael Edelstein ₪363.55

    What a great cause! Go Debby!

  • Debra Apfelbaum ₪363.55

    Wow! Such an important cause Debby. So happy to contribute.

  • Esther Bacharach ₪65.44

    Go Debby!!! Wish we were there with you, esther and gary

  • Sima Herszaft ₪130.88

    Go, Debby! I am so happy for you! Enjoy the hike!

  • Melissa Rothwax ₪130.88

    Go Debby!

  • Rivka Heisler ₪101.63

    Go Debby!

  • Barbara gochberg ₪65.33

    Enjoy the walk!

  • Beverly & John Wolfer/Nerenberg ₪428.29

    Go Debbie! Such an important cause.

  • Chaya Fine ₪65.59

    Wishing you the best on your hike. So happy to be part of this chesed!

  • Debra May ₪131.95
  • Elayna Koevary ₪132.88

    Go Debby!!! :) Sending hugs!

  • Debora Bell ₪100.00

    Thank you. You are amazing.

  • Hasson Sara & Laurence Hasson ₪119.13

    Ain't no mountain high rock!

  • Cari Weisberg Coltrara ₪134.02

    You go girl!

  • keren & eran GINZBERG ₪67.01

    GO Debby!!!

  • Sheila Leibtag ₪186.14

    So proud of you - you go!!

  • Julie Levinson ₪186.14

    Way to go, Deb!! Kol Hakavod! Love you!

  • Anonymous ₪199.21

    Go Debby!!!

  • Lucille Mazzer ₪184.45

    Great cause !!!! Cheering you on from here

  • Beth Braunstein ₪184.45

    Go debby - we r so proud of you and the joy you have from being in Israel— keep doing those mitzvot Love beth and David

  • Anonymous ₪66.51

    Kol hakavod Debby!

  • Ruthie Craimer ₪36.00

    Go Debby!!!

  • Helaine Ring ₪120.00

    Israel is better with you here!

  • Ilene Strauss ₪132.13

    You guys rock

  • Shoshi Talesnick ₪91.75

    Way to go Debby!! So glad you are doing this. Have fun and make sure to get where you are going while it is still light out.

  • miriam Zaghi ₪183.26

    love you Deb!

  • Mark & Lauren Shinar ₪183.64
  • Adena Roschwalb ₪631.73