November 13-14 2019

Tabby Corre

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  • Anonymous ₪1800.00

    Go Tabby! A mitzvah hero!

  • Esther Sherman ₪250.00

    כל הכבוד עם כל הברכות מקרב לב.

  • Anonymous ₪250.00

    Yet another physical effort on behalf on the needy. כל הכבוד Jack

  • Anonymous ₪360.00

    Let's all make sure that Tabby raises more than John...

  • Pam & Benjy Richman ₪101.00

    1 more than John

  • Danny Ginsbourg ₪180.00
  • Maureen Taylor ₪250.00

    Good luck for the hike. kol hakavod

  • Peter & Judith Sheldon ₪250.00

    It all goes to Melabev so this time we are sponsoring you and not John!

  • Sherwin Pomerantz ₪180.00

    Tabby, well done and hope it goes well. Sherwin

  • Diane and Jack Cadranel ₪360.00

    Kol hakavod Tabby. Great cause.

  • Karen Djemal ₪250.00

    כל הכבוד

  • David & Jo Odes ₪360.00

    Kol hakavod. You are the most inspirational parents and grandparents. We love you lots

  • Zvi Inbar ₪180.00
  • Michael Wreschner ₪180.00

    Go Tabby

  • Wendy and Saul Singer ₪360.00

    Tabby, We are proud of you, and hope the walk was inspiring! Thank you for doing this. Wendy and Saul

  • Tabby Corre ₪162.00
  • Joyce Green ₪1500.00

    Hike sponsorship for John and Tabby

  • Al & Dorothy Gellman ₪720.00
  • Ruth and Martin Dunitz ₪500.00
  • Anonymous ₪1632.21

    Better late than never! A promise is a promise. If my computer Hadn’t broken down it might have been much quicker coz I don’t know how to use the new one. This hiking business must be good for both of you… Because thank God you both look very well. ‏כל הכבוד and very well done