November 07-08 2018

Yochanan Imri

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  • Anonymous ₪500.00

    Yochanan, I wish I could join you on the hike this year. It was great last year! Looks like you have a wonderful group of walkers this time. Good luck and enjoy! Susie

  • Shani Taragin ₪100.00

    Bhatzlacha Yochanan on this wonderful initiative for a fantastic cause !! May you always use your strengths to help others in Am Yisrael :)

  • Noam Etzion ₪120.00

    Best wishes from the Etzions

  • Anonymous ₪69.00
  • K Volpp ₪92.60

    Your JR. High Friend

  • דוד דויטש ₪100.00

    בהצלחה רבה יוחנן, ותודה רבה על מסירותך. הדויטשים

  • Nitza Tanner ₪1845.88
  • Michael Vairogs ₪120.00

    Go Boo, Go!!!

  • Dr. Yehezkel Zentner ₪200.00
  • Ruth Rossing ₪180.00